“Our partnership with Christina Kamer has further positioned our organization for growth in a global economy. Through her leadership we have recruited superior talent, strengthened the skills of existing staff, and built teamwork at a rapid pace. We look to Christina for innovative and creative solutions in aligning our HR strategy with our overall business strategy.”
– President/CEO

“Dr. Kamer is perhaps one of the strongest HR leaders that I know. She is an HR visionary with a true passion for organizational development and educating others.”
– HR Director

“In addition to being an outstanding HR professional, Christina is witty and fun to work with. Her commitment to life-long learning is an example of the importance of broadening skills and expanding knowledge no matter where you are in your career.”
– VP of Planning

“[Dr. Kamer is] head and shoulders above the rest. I’m re-energized about what HR can be at my organization and the improvements that I will be able to make. Great job!”
– Student Evaluation, College of Business and Management